Seven Secret Steps

  1. Brush both brows with a Spooly Brush
  2. Use one hand to align and set the Stencil over your brow. Then use the index and middle finger of the other hand to hold it in place.
  3. With your free hand apply your Brow Powder with an Angled Brush or Fluff Brush. Use  short gentle strokes to achieve the shade that you personally prefer. Make sure you accentuate all the areas you want to perfect. Once you have the desired shade, lift Stencil off. All this will take a little practice.
  4. Flip the Stencil over and repeat steps 1-3 on the other brow. 
  5. Brush brows with Spooly Brush again.
  6. Take your Highlighter Pencil and apply it on the brow bone only.
  7. Apply Brow Gel and allow to set in place. Dust with Translucent Powder for a polished look. 


To achieve the perfect brow, we must work with your natural face shape. First, I determine the proper brow arch and design accounting to the natural contours and proportions of your facial features. Then I recommend a couple of stencils to choose from, and with the right color eyebrow powder, I enhance your most flattering brow shape. The brows are them waxed and coiffed to perfection.

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Are your brows maximizing your beauty?

Brow Design
Includes consultation, face shape analysis, proper brow powder selection, stencil fitting, brow wax, and artist finish with brow powder, brow highlighter and brow gel.
$25 one-time appointment

Brow Wax
Brow wax maintenance artistically finished with brow powder, brow highlighter, and brow gel

Naked Brow
Brow maintenance without finishing products

Celebrity Brows
Inspired by your favorite celebrity brow shape, a stencil to duplicate the style is chosen then artistically finished with brow powder, brow highlighter, and brow gel